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2nd step: Create reagents and equipment

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When starting LSM usage, it is essential to start with customization steps. You need to create your customers, results parameters, assays catalog and more. These items interact with each other in multiple ways, therefore the order of steps for the initial setup is important.
Some portions of the LSM cannot be customized without first setting up others.

 Completing this step requires admin or super-admin level permissions.

1. Add reagent and supplies

In LSM menu, navigate to Admin > Reagents.
For example, we add NaCl with a lot.

Select Add and fill the LabCollector general form. Tick “Add lot immediately” then Save. Complete the form for the lot and click on Add lot.

You can also add reagent & supplies from LabCollector. Navigate to Reagent & Supplies module. Then, select add new record and complete the form. After completing information about the product, select “Save & Add Lot”. Complete the form for the lot.

2. Add equipment

In LSM menu, navigate to Admin > Equipment.
For example, we add a pH meter.

Select Add and complete the general LabCollector form to define the equipment with the name “pH Meter”.
If you want, you can assign a category to organize your equipment list. Categories have to be previously defined through Admin > Preferences > Equipment Categories. In our example, we have a category called “Lab Services” that will be used.
After completing the form, click save.

Within LabCollector, navigate to the equipment module and select add new record.
Complete the form to define the equipment.

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