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Tube sorter Add-on

This add-on helps to recover dispatched samples on storage and place them on a working tray. It generates a picklist automatically and the necessary instruction files for the tube sorter robot (BioMicroLab …)and other tube pickers (Floyd2D…) The add-on also generates instruction files or sample sheets for Fluidigm EP1, Floyd 2D Picker, Hamilton and Illumina! Other equipment integrations can be added. Just send us your requests!

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Inventory tracking for a seamless supply chain

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LabCollector X Transnetyx

Transnetyx is a leading provider of automated genotyping solutions for researchers. By utilizing their proprietary genotyping technology, Transnetyx offers fast, reliable, and cost-effective genotyping services. It eliminates the need for manual processes, saving valuable time and effort in the laboratory. Their genotyping services are available for mice, zebrafish, rats and more. By partnering with Transnetyx, LabCollector users gain access to a highly reliable genotyping platform that delivers results with exceptional speed and accuracy. This integration further enhances the efficiency of the genotyping workflow, enabling seamless data transfer and result retrieval.

LabCollector currently integrates with:

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Advanced functionality for sample management across global & multi-site inventories.

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