Web Portal

LSMRemote, the perfect portal for your customers and patients

Seamlessly Communicate with your Clients

Intuitive & Secure Interface

Fully Electronic Requisition

Real Time Monitoring

Put the Patient First, Minimize Errors while Maximizing Efficiency

Complete Patient Portal

Give your patients the possibility to access all their history and reports on a dedicated portal. Knowledge Base

Patient Pre-Registration

Allow patients to register and provide their information before their appointment to avoid transcription errors and save considerable time. Generate QR codes for quick access to case records. Knowledge Base

Job Pre-Registration

Patients can book their appointment directly online with one of your clients by filling out a simple form and choosing the date and time that suits them. Knowledge Base

Kit Activation

Patients can simply activate their kit through the portal. Your customers will have all the information they need, just as if it was a simple sample collection. Knowledge Base

Access Report with Token

Simply give patients access to results reports with a unique token for greater security and privacy. Patients are notified by SMS and e-mail as soon as their results report is available. Knowledge Base

Edit Patient Data

Always have good information about your patient by enable them to edit their information online. Knowledge Base

Go Even Further with Integrations

Integrate some tools to enhance the efficiency of the LSMRemote portal