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Records are the data about materials in the research lab.
In LabCollector they can be sample names in sample modules, antibody names in antibody modules, reagents name in reagents & supplies module, etc.

Follow these steps to access the Sequences module:

1. Open a module & search for records

2. Create a record

1. Open a module & search for records

Below is the sample of records inside strains and cells module.


  • They are present inside each module.
  • Generally, when you open a module you see the page with no records. When you just click on ‘Search’ icon (empty search field), all the records will be displayed below.
  • Records are the name of the samples, antibodies, chemical structures, reagents, and supplies, etc.
  • Each record will have its own record ID, which will be used for barcode creation . For example to barcode all samples in the lab.
    * Read the Kb to see how to create barcodes in LabCollector.
  • You can create a new record by clicking on the button.
  • You can edit the record by clicking on icon.
  • You can duplicate the record using this icon.
  • You can delete the record using this  icon.
    WARNING: Take care as you cannot delete records that are in use in LabCollector. For example, if the sample is being used for some analysis then you will not be able to delete it.
  • You can archive record using this icon.
  • You can also memorize the record using this icon, which can be used further in LabCollector.
  • NEW: Mass Update all memorized records: You have now an option where you can memorize the records you want and update them. You can even memorize all records and update a particular field in the module.
    *Please read our knowledgebase for more information on mass updating memorized records.
    *Note: this option is present in all modules, except chemical module.
NOTE: Depending on the module, the record edit options may change. For example, the Reagents & Supplies module have a purchase order icon in the edit option.


2.Create a record

  • Click on the button to add/create a record in any module.
  • The below page opens:
  • You will see the default fields here. You can fill the information as required. Above is an example of a cell line HeLa.
    Note: These default fields vary depending on the module. You can also add custom fields as per your requirements. *Read our knowledge Base on how to create a custom field.
  • You can also enter the storage location of the record item.


  • Once you save the record you will see it in the module.


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