Food & Beverage

A secure Food and Beverage LIMS for all types of laboratories.
A scalable LIMS to ensure traceability and compliance to meet the needs of regulatory agencies.
A configurable LIMS, hosted on-premises or cloud-based, for rapid implementation.

As LabCollector is a totally web based LIMS, highly configurable and flexible, it becomes the perfect tool for laboratories managing agriculture products, agricultural inputs, fertilizers, soil, leaves, plants, GMOs, manure, water, pesticides, heavy metals, food and beverages, industrial processes, Q&A etc. Our LabCollector has been developed to take into consideration the large volume of samples processed by Food & Beverage laboratories. Hence, It will allow you to manage your laboratory in an efficient and compliant way, while being paperless..

Some labs using our Solution:

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All you need to manage your laboratory!

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