Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) LIMS

All you need to manage sequencing samples and plates

For over 10 years the Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) process has been a huge extension to biotech labs
resulting notably in more and more samples to analyze and track.


LabCollector supports your NGS activity at every stage of your protocol. LabCollector provides a configurable on-premise or cloud-based NGS LIMS solution that enables complete sample tracking through the NGS pipeline, from request to sample processing and result delivery. Our solution can support any NGS lab from R&D to diagnostic/service NGS lab.

Some labs using our Solution:

Bayer CropScience + LabCollector LIMS software

LabCollector NGS LIMS
All you need to manage your sequencing process!

  • Manage inventory for reagent and supplies with alerts & notifications
  • Receive samples efficiently
  • Design and execute simple or complex NGS workflows
  • Follow requested jobs with Lab Service Manager
  • Integrate your instrument with I-Collector and automatically receive the results
  • Connect to any bioinformatic pipeline
  • Help to make your data compliant

Plate processing, QC, even pooling and bioinformatics data sharing are possible using default modules and add-ons. Tube Sorter add-on will provide sample sheets for Tecan, Hamilton, qPCR and Illumina runs (other equipment can be accommodated on demand). The Workflow add-on provides a step by step processing and data saving interface to track individual samples and/or plates or batches of plates.


LabCollector NGS Pack Adapts to your Needs with:

It can be hosted online on our server in US or EU.


Automation and Instrument parsing/processing

LabCollector is capable of automating results/values retrieval directly from equipment. This is performed using our I-Collector utility. Complex files and folders from Illumina can be parsed. We support any instrument/equipment including Illumina Hiseq, Ion Torrent, Roche, Tecan, LabChip, etc. Read more


ngs_management NGS/Sequencing servicing

In complement to the lab activity tracking and management, LabCollector also provides a solution for the client Relationship. Check our Sequencing Service Management add-on for more information.Read more

We are compatible with:



Storage System

Stock localization is managed and defined in a straightforward manner and is not constrained. Box cell grid places can be defined by point & click and virtually any box configuration can be defined.

Barcoding & Mobility

All data stored in LabCollector LIMS is identified by a barcode. This allows for quick information search and retrieval. LabCollector LIMS is capable of generating linear or 2D barcodes.

Security, Traceability & Integrity

User access is restrained on defined user levels. LDAP and AD is now supported. History logs are stored to keep track of user actions on LabCollector databases (audit trails and data versioning).

Ready To Automate Your Lab?

Evolve your laboratory’s capability for molecular testing with the addition of LabCollector.

Available for: LabCollector download available for Windows and MAC

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