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This post will explain how to send samples from LabCollector to the Lab Service Manager (LSM)

To complete the actions described you will need a valid login for LabCollector and the LSM.  

Step 1 – Memorize Samples
Go to the samples module. Search for the samples you want to use for testing on the Lab Service Manager LSM. You can use the memorize all button or memorize samples individually.

Step 2 – Navigate to the LSM
Navigate to the LSM.  You may be prompted with a sign in for the LSM.  Enter your username and password if needed.

Step 3 – Add an LSM Job
From the Job menu in the LSM click on ‘Add Job’.

Step 4 – Select the Memorized Samples for the Job

From the form for adding a Job, (1) select ‘memorized records’. Then (2) pick the appropriate samples from the memorized items chosen in LabCollector to use for a job. (3) The selected samples will appear in the list of samples for the job. Complete the form and save the job.

If multiple jobs are to be created from a list of many memorized items. The above procedure can be repeated, by selecting from the LSM Job > Add Job and selecting the appropriate memorized samples for the job.

Note that your LSM may include different fields compared to the example pictures.

After the job is created, the samples will appear in the job list. From there all normal LSM functionality can be used on the sample/job for organizing and testing the samples.