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If you are a test lab then making reports from the test is an integral part of your everyday work. 
The Lab Service Manager (LSM) add-on in LabCollector allows you to make report templates. 
Where you can use dynamic field pointer to create fields to be filled in the report.

Click the link to see more about result & invoice templates.

To generate a report you need to follow these steps.
1. Creating a report
2. Linking a report to test
3. generating a report

1. Creating a Report template

Go to LSM add-on.
Admin–>Preferences–> Reports & Invoice templates
You can create a new template.
You can edit the template using Rich text editor, add the logo of your lab or institute and create the report as you like.
 If you have a template for your report in the Microsoft Word you can copy-paste it directly doing ctrl+C + Ctrl+V.

You can apply dynamic fields to fill the report form like for example below.
The dynamic fields are highlighted in yellow.

2. Linking a report to a test

When you generate a test in Admin–>Preferences–>Tests, you will get an option to link report to that test.
For example, in the below Virology blood test the result template can be added.
Note: you also have the option to link the processing template. This is a report generated on the base of processing parameters in the test (marked by the green arrow)
The processing parameters would be the ones that are required during the execution of the test.
For example, for an RT-PCR a processing parameter could be checking if the cDNA is pure or not (generally the ration 260/280 should be 1.8). OR
The RNA extracted from the sample of the patient is pure or not meaning the ratio 260/280 should be 2.0.

3. Generating a Report

When the job in the job list is completed and finished. 
Go to Job list–>Filter–>Job status–> All or Finished

The list of finished jobs will appear like below.


Go to the job for which you want to generate the report. Click on Options–>Report

You can either create a CSV file of your report, send it via an email directly (email that you entered for Admin–>Contacts–> Requesters.) or generate a pdf of the report.
If you choose the pdf option, a new page with the pdf of your report will be opened. For example like below.