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 For v5.4 & below check this KB.

When you want to edit maintenance for equipment, you can go to a display maintenance icon where you can find various options related equipment maintenance.

Generally, you will see a scroll bar under the display maintenance that will help you navigate to the options on your left and your right.

To present clearly the options are explained individually in 2 parts.

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

Part 1

  1. You can add maintenance to the equipment using this option.
  2. You can edit the maintenance by clicking on .
  3. You can print the maintenance information by clicking on .
  4. This icon means the alert option is on.
  5. The associated files or reports can be uploaded with the help of this option . You can upload files such as maintenance reports related to the equipment. When you click on it, it shows you this pop-up.

    Part 2

  6. You directly click on the uploaded file and download it for further purposes.
  7. When you click on , the list of maintenance will open in a new tab.

  8. The control chart option allows you to create a calibration chart with the test performed with the standard sample on the equipment. You can check here, how to create a calibration control chart with a data set.
  9. Export option allows you export data of equipment maintenance in various formats. Check our KB on how to export maintenance data.
  10. One the maintenance is completed you can close the maintenance by clicking on the padlock icon .
    Note: Once the maintenance is locked you can no more edit it.

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