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LSMRemote provides option for patients to pre-register before providing their samples. The information about the patient like their name, address, phone number, emails, date of birth etc, can be pre-registered by the patient. These fields in the Patient pre-registration form can be configured in custom made Patient module. Once the pre-registration by patient is done on the form, this information is automatically integrated into the custom Patient module in LabCollector which can be then connected to the LSM add-on with the help of case record function. Once the patients have registered, they can provide their samples in the clinic, drive-thru or sample collection center.

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To use Patient pre-registration follow the below process:

1. General Settings

  • Activation in config.ini
  • Connection in LabCollector module
  • Connection to LSM add-on

2. Connection to Provider portal (LSMRemote portal)

3. Connection of patient pre-registration portal to provider portal

1. General Settings

Activation in config.ini

  • In order to see the pre-registration option in LSMRemote portal, you need to activate the option by accessing the config.ini file.
    *Please our Knowledgebase on how to install LSMRemote and configure it.
    *Please see our knowledgebase on how to activate options in config.ini option 37.
  • Let’s say that you want to separate the login pages for the “Direct report access” login option from the “provider portal” on separate webpages.
  • LabCollectcor allows you to do so. All you have to do is add either login=1 or login=2 at the end of the URL.
  • This way you have a different individual webpage for provider and direct report access login pages.


  • Once you activate the option you will be able to see the button like below.
  • This button will take you to a portal that can be integrated in your website if you have a specific patient registration site.
  • Fields like name, address, DOB can be created in Patient module explained in section 2.

  • You can edit the privacy policy and the text here can be customized by going to LSM -> ADMIN -> PREFERENCES -> CUSTOMIZATION.
  • Once you have filled all the details, you can click on submit and the patient will be able to see a QRcode. 

  • Patient will also receive an email with this QR code. 

Using QR Code on the Requester/provider/Client portal:

  • When the patient arrives at the clinic/institute, etc to provide the sample for testing, they can show the QR code to the client/requester/provider.
  • Provider/Requesters will need to create a job for this patient and they can choose “submit job” option & then select the patient ID.
  • Once the job is finished, the QR code of the patient shows the Patient ID and can be used to search job related to the patient.

Connection in LabCollector module

  • The fields that you see in the patient pre-registration portal form can be configured in the custom made Patient module.
    *Please see our Knowledge Base on how to create custom module.
  • Inside the custom module you can create the fields according to you needs.
    Please see our Knowledge Base on how to create custom field.
Be Careful note

Take care, only field type ‘date’, ‘datetime’, ‘time’, ‘decimal’, ‘field’, ‘select’ can be reflected in the patient pre-registration.

These fields will be visible in the patient portal.

  • The same fields will be visible on the patient pre-registration form.

    Connection to LSM add-on

    2. Connection to Provider portal (LSMRemote portal)

    Lets say that a clinic or a test lab collects samples from various providers/requester (sample collection centers) that are present in different locations.

    In this scenario the patients should have an option to select the name/location of the providers/requester where they are going to give sample for testing.

    • For this patient pre-registration provides an option to select the provider/requester.
    • This can be activated by going to LSM -> ADMIN -> SETUP -> CASE RECORD 

    • This option allows the patients to choose the requester/provider and the same time the requesters/providers will not be able to see patients (case records) of other requesters/provider.
    • The list of requesters can be created in LSM add-on.
      *Please our Knowledge Base on how to create requesters.

    Be Careful note

    However, take care to click on the URL checkbox.

    3. Connection of patient pre-registration portal to provider portal

    • In case you would like to have just one requester/provider to show you can do 2 things:
      • 1. Just check the “On Portal” box only for the provider that is needed should be left checked. (see last image in section 2)
      • 2. Or you can fix one requester/provider by adding “&req=ID of requester ” at the end of URL where you integrate the patient form. See the image below and take care of follow the 3 steps as you can see below (A, B and C)
      • Tips/Hints
        You can add more that one requester (multiple requesters) to the lit by just adding the requester IDs from the LSM, just as explained above.

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