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To use this feature there are several parts of LabCollector that must be set up first. Some of the setup requires admin or super-admin level access. Use Admin > Preferences > Reagents & Supplies to check or adjust these preferences.

First, you need to list all your reagents in Reagent & Supplies module. Then you can create your lots.
Refer to the KB-Import and manage Reagent & Supplies v5.3 for more information on setting up Reagent & Supplies.

For each reagent, open the tab Display lots and click Add new lot (1). Fill out the form and select storage if previously defined. When you create your lot before adding a storage location, you just have to edit the storage location (2), which is only possible for super-admin and admins.

Each lot has its own ID and barcode (e.g. 67/LT).
To remove lot units when you use it, click on . A window opens and allows you to indicate the number of units you take. Super-admin and admin can choose a user in the select list, other level permissions can do this under their name.

Each time, in the Comments field, the date of the day appears. All the actions will also be traced under ADMIN > Storage > Users R&S Consumptions. Super-admin and admins can edit the lot record except for the original quantity. A lot can also be destroyed but a confirmation step is requested. See this KB for more information on lot disposal.

You also have some specific functions:

  • the possibility to create derived lots
  • use the FIFO option, “First in first out”

With the icon near each lot, you take one unit of the lot you want to derive and keep all the information related to this lot. Then you can change the lot/batch number, modify the expiration date and give a new quantity. Automatically, the entry date corresponds to the day you derive the lot. This feature of removing a single item of the lot is most useful when the unit is something like ‘bottle’, ‘tube’, ‘kit’. If you are using a lot where the unit is defined as ‘mL’ or ‘g’ or similar, the individual unit destock feature is generally best avoided.
For example, destocking individually can be useful if you do aliquots from one tube or want to specify that a bottle from one lot is open. An additional new lot can then be created to keep track of the newly made item.

Associate File with lot

As on version 5.3 it is possible to upload files or reports for individual lots. As seen below (1) select the symbol and (2) choose your file in the popup that appears.


FIFO Option

Under ADMIN > Preferences > Reagent & Supplies, you can activate the FIFO option.
When the option is ON, you have FIFO written on the top right of the lot tab.

As explained by the acronym First In First Out, the oldest lot has to be used before newer lots. In version 5.4 and after, the verification is also performed on the validity/expiration date.

This option provides an alert message to confirm destocking of any lot other than the oldest.


Set up Alerts for Expiry and Quantity of lots

1. Go to Admin > Preferences > Alerts

2. You can use the validity alert for reagents. You must define the number of days before the expiry date of the product to use as a threshold. There is also an option to keep expired products on the alert list.

3. For quantity alerts, you can choose to check the “Use the SUM of all lots”. In this case, when the stock total amount is less than the product threshold, an alert will be activated. Otherwise, any single lot with a quantity lower than the threshold will raise the alert.
NOTE: This threshold must be defined to create alerts

3. When finished click on “Update Alert Options”.