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SMS alert setup in Data logger

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Data Logger is a network-based application for the day-to-day control of storage equipment temperature, humidity, CO2, and other data centralized in LabCollector LIMS. 
It provides you to have alerts for the equipment via email and SMS.
Note:  By default, the alerts are sent to an email.
However, SMS alerts have a dedicated set up so you can tailor the settings as per your requirements.

SMS alerts setup

To set-up SMS alerts, go to Data-logger add-on and follow the below steps.

  • Go to tab Alert–>SMS server

  • When you click on “SMS Server”  you will see the below image. 

  • To add contact details to receive SMS alerts, click on the “Add Contact” option and you will see the below pop-up.

    1. You can add the name and number of the person who wants to receive the alerts. 
    Note:  The phone number must start with the country code. For example, France code is +33, India +91, etc., followed by the phone number.

    2. This “reminders‘ setting allows you to send reminders until the SMS alert has been acknowledged. You can also choose how many numbers of reminders you want to use. 
    If you tick mark the option “Silent reminder” the SMS alert will be sent to another person (secondary contact) once the reminder time is elapsed.
    This means if the primary contact forgets to acknowledge the reminders an SMS alert will automatically send to the secondary contact.
    You can select the secondary contact in option 3.

    3.Secondary Contact” option will allow you to put a secondary contact. This will be helpful if you miss seeing the reminders for alerts, secondary contact will get an SMS alert. 
    To set the secondary contact you will have to go to data logger home page and Alert–>SMS server–>
    Once you create the contact, it will appear n the drop-down list and you can select the contact you need.

    4.Assign responsibility” allows you to select either the equipment or probe you want to receive an alert for. You have the possibility to select multiple equipment and probes.
    You can select the probe from the drop-down list. 
    When you select the equipment option, you can select the equipment you want from the drop-down to create the alerts.
    Note:  You cannot choose both “equipment” & “probe” options together to create an alert. You need to create alerts for equipment and probes separately.

    5.Contact period” option gives you choices to receive SMS alerts. 

    -You can either receive an alert every day.

    -You can either receive alerts on weekdays (Monday-Friday) or on weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

    -You can choose a temporary period to receive an alert. if you select this option, you will see the below pop-up.

    -You can opt for Specific days of the week.

    -You can choose a specific day from the calendar days.

    -You can opt for the secondary contact to receive SMS when the primary contact does not want to receive the alerts.

    6. You can save the setting once you finish.

  • Once you save it, the contact will be seen on the list.

SMS History

The “SMS history” allows you to see the SMS alerts sent to the person.
You can also check the status (highlighted in yellow) if the alert if it is resolved or closed by clicking on .

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