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This action can be performed by administrators and data owners.

Deletion is performed using the Delete Icon in the icon tray on the right of each record.  

You can delete record ranges automatically or multiple records selected in memory.

Do not confuse deletion and archiving of records:-

Deleted records are entirely removed.

Archived records are retained, but hidden from normal use. Please see this KB for more information on archiving records.


BE CAREFUL, all these actions are definitive and cannot be reversed.


There are various reasons why you cannot see “delete” option:- 

  • You cannot delete if storage or any data is linked to the record.
  • Also, after a series of movements, modifications and actions (5 actions), records are kept for traceability. You can only archive them.
  • From v5.4: If a record is linked to the ELN, WorkFlow or LSM add-ons then it cannot be deleted either – only archival is possible.
  • From v5.18: In Reagent & Supplies module, a record cannot be deleted if it is present in the order list (past or current).
  • In the Equipment module, equipment with maintenance (past or current) cannot be deleted.
  • A reagent record cannot be deleted if it has had at least on lot, even if this lot is disposed.

You can also delete storage boxes ( and   if they are empty).

From v5.18, you can choose between:

  1. Clean the box from associated records BUT without deleting the box or the records
  2. Delete the box only
  3. Delete the box with associated records.



Categories and options can only be removed if they are not in use.

Categories & options are available mainly under ADMIN > Preferences menu. For example, in Organisms list, you can delete the mouse category as it is not in use.

For example.



Things to remember: 

  1. A reason for deletion must be provided.  

    2. All deleted actions will appear in the audit trail.