LabCollector Integrations

LabCollector offers several integration applications that allow you to benefit from a complete service. We have developed these integrations, based on user requests, to help you become more efficient in your laboratory and to facilitate the transmission of information. These integrations offer you even more possibilities with LabCollector besides the modules and add-ons.

Here you can see which integrations are possible with LabCollector:


The integration of Plivo and Twilio for SMS allows you to send messages to people outside lab by directly using LabCollector. These solutions are integrated directly into LabCollector & work with an API.

Integration Type

With LSM: ideal to send token and notifications to patients. Learn More

With Data Logger: set up to send equipment alerts directly to a team. Learn More

KB: How to send token and released result report SMS notification using Twilio?


Transmission of documents using faxes, is now made easier with the integration of WestFax & mFax systems. This allows to have transmission of documents in a more fast, reliable & secure way.

Integration Type

With LSM: ideal to send important document to partners like results reports or invoices. Learn More

KB: Coming soon


Receive notifications and alerts from LabCollector directly on a dedicated Slack channel. Simply view the messages from this channel in your Slack application or directly on your LabCollector homepage.

KB: How to receive LabCollector notifications notification using Slack?


Billing your tests is made more easier with the billing option in LSM add-on. You can manage your costs per tests in the LSM add-on and the payment option gives your requesters the ability to pay using secure LSMRemote site by LabCollector.

Integration Type

With LSM & LSMRemote: Your clients can now pay their invoices securely online directly from the web portal. Learn More

KB: Coming soon


With the personalized scheduling page, clients can easily see your availability in real time and schedule their own appointments. Making scheduling appointments quick and easy with Acuity Scheduling integration.

Integration Type

With LSM & LSMRemote: Patients can now schedule their appointment directly on the web portal. Learn More

KB: How to integrate appointments scheduling in LSMRemote?


Elasticsearch can be integrated with LabCollector using the Advanced Search Manager add-on. This advanced search solution is ideal for performing accurate, fast, and data-intensive searches. You can search anywhere by indexing all contents and files making the use of LabCollector even more enjoyable and efficient.

Integration Type

With ELN: Find accurate information of any kind in the add-on in an extremely short time. Manage the tags of several elements at the same time with a Toolbox. Learn More

KB: LabCollector Advanced Search with Elasticsearch


Ready to use integrations of health platforms to bring test orders directly inside LabCollector Lab Service Manager add-on. In minutes, you will expand your lab revenues by connecting to doctors and providers.

Integration Type

With LSM: Receive your clients’ test requests from these platforms directly to your LSM add-on. Facilitate data and results transmission with an API connection between these platforms and LSM. Learn More

KB: Coming soon


With Zoho, LabCollector can embed and manage spreadsheets directly. It also brings a rich viewer for any MS Office files.

Integration Type

With ELN: Create spreadsheets on ELN as if you were on a specific application. Many options available: formulas, graphs, compatibility with .csv, .tsv, .ods and Excel files and much more. Learn More

KB: What is Flat & Zoho Spreadsheet Editor?