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ELN is the replacement of the paper lab notebook.
You can check our blog on ELN

1. Open the ELN add-on

1. Open the ELN add-on

When you click on the ELN add-on you will see the below page.

  • 1. This tab shows you different options:-
    – Home: takes you back to the homepage when you are navigating through ELN.
    – New Book/Project:  You can create a new book/project by clicking on this option.
    – Tools: This allows you to add a log entry, tag a manager, or other options.
    – Admin: here you can see create a workflow/template for ELN, check the audit log, change setting for pages, and manage file uploads or digital certificates.
      *Check our Knowledge Base to see how to create templates in ELN.
          *Check our Knowledge Base to see how to create WorkFlow in ELN.
    This hierarchy tree option hides the left section  (index), point 2 & 3 of the ELN.
    –  This option will allow you to choose from the below image option to organize the hierarchy tree (index page) on the left. To simplify, these options will organize your table of contents/index tree.

    The search option will help provide you with various search options like below.   
  • 2. This is the “Index tree”  or table of contents like in the paper notebook. You can see here the books created by you in “My Books”, books that you have in a collaboration in “My collaborations” and you can see all the books in the “All Books” option.
    – You can see in the above image, in ELN you can create Book, experiment, page & sub-page.
    *Check our Knowledge Base to see how to create book, experiment & page in ELN.
  • 3. These options allow you to either hide or show the archived pages.
    * Generally you cannot delete the pages, but you can archive them. OR
    You can create a trash book where you can put all the unwanted pages. It is possible to shift pages from one book to another.
  • 4. Here you can toggle the dashboard of ELN, which will look like below when you click on this option.
  • 5. Here you will see the timeline of all the changes done in ELN. It shows you the audit log, which can be very useful for compliancy.

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