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LabCollector is user access restricted. However, in some cases, a public database may be of interest to provide a list of lab resources to the community. We propose two solutions:

– A semi-restricted local database:
For those who need a catalog of resources for the other labs in the same network (inside same institution for example), we propose a template page that can be customized and giving access to defined custom modules (the green ones). Users can log in as visitors (you can define a group of external users) to that page (index2.php) and will be given access to “public” modules.
Features include the search engine, but storage and other information were removed. Also the layout is open to full customization.


– A full custom public catalog:
This requires a custom service. Upon request, we can create a custom page to list any module database. Features can include a shopping cart to order resources to the lab. Custom record display is also possible.