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How to add panels to LabColletor v6.0?

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LabCollector allows you to organize your modules, add-ons, links, or tools on the homepage of your LabCollector.
This provides you the option to organize the look as per your need. Moreover, you can navigate easily on LabCollector as you arrange the icons in your way. For example, you can make panels based on your projects or lab teams. this way each team can use a specific panel. You can also allot group-based policies that can help you to give specific rights to groups in your teams which can then access the panel that they are allotted to.
The above explained are just some examples that help you organize your lab with the help of panel creation in LabCollector.

To customize your homepage follow the below steps:-

1. General LabCollector interface

2. Customize homepage panels

1. General LabCollector interface

  • Normally your homepage of LabCollector will look like below.
    *You can check our KB to see how LabCollector interface looks like.
  • NOTE: Below is an example image where we have installed all the add-ons and added all the links. If you don’t have all the modules or add-ons, then they will not be visible like the below image.

  • The homepage of LabCollector by default is the one designed by super-admin.
  • All user levels will see the default homepage with all modules & add-ons unless they customize their panels. (for example like the above image.)
    NOTE:  User for every level can design the panels on their LabCollector homepage.
  • *Check our KB to know more about the user level access rights.

2. Customize homepage panels

    • To create panels go to the profile icon on the right-hand top corner of your LabCollector page and click on my profile.

    • Go to customized homepage panels.

    • The below page will open.

    • 1. Click on “Add new panel”.
    • 2. Type the name of the panel that you want. For example, we have given the name Panel 1- Modules/Add-ons.
    • 3. On the right-hand side of your page you will see the tabs for modules, add-ons, links and tools. You can click on the icon under the tab that you want and create a panel for each category.
    • If you add any module/add-on/link or tool by mistake just click on the icon to remove it.
      4. Once you have added the required icons in the Panel you can click on the save icon.
    • In the same way, you can add various panels to organize your homepage in LabCollector.
    • After you have done so, your LabCollector homepage will look like this with all the panels that you created.

    • See the below video as an example, to see how to add panels for modules, add-ons, links or tools.

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