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The Central Store Management add-on is a powerful tool designed to streamline the ordering process for laboratories with multiple franchises or locations. By centralizing the ordering system, labs can manage their reagents and supplies more efficiently, reducing costs and improving overall productivity.

With the Central Store Management add-on, labs can set up a common stock room to manage their inventory, making it easier to track and order supplies as needed. This eliminates the need for each individual location to maintain their own inventory, reducing the risk of overstocking or running out of critical supplies.

One of the key features of the Central Store Management add-on is the orders manager system. This system allows labs to create purchase orders for their common stock room, simplifying the ordering process and ensuring that all necessary supplies are available when needed. With the ability to track orders and manage inventory in a centralized system, labs can more easily monitor their supply chain and make informed decisions about future orders.

To setup the add-on, please follow the below process:

1. Installation & Setup

  • Install & Access Central Store Management.
  • Install & Access the Catalog.
  • General Settings.

2. Add Users

3. Add Remote LabCollectors

1. Installation & Setup

Install & Access Central Store Management

  • First, you need to install the Central Store Management add-on.
  • You can download it by clicking on the following link:
  • Unzip the file under C:\Program Files (x86)\AgileBio\LabCollector\www\lab\extra_modules
  • To finish the installation, you will need to come to the Central Store Management add-on.

Install & Access the Catalog

If you do not have this information, please contact us at [email protected] or raise a ticket.

General Settings

  1. In General Parameters, you can set up a module for client catalog. It can either be Reagent & Supplies or a custom module.
  2. You need to attach a category from the Address book add-on. You can also create categories by navigating to PREFERENCES -> ADDRESS BOOK OPTIONS
  3. The currency must be set in the catalog config file. You can contact us by email ([email protected]) or raising a ticket to let us know if you cannot access the catalog file.
    You can also download our Central Store Management app directly through google play store:

  4.  You can choose whether you want to show or not the orders prices.

2. Add Users

  1. You can add users who will be able to access and use Central Store Management add-on by navigating to Users tab.
  2. You can add an existing LabCollector user. All you have to do is search by name and all the LabCollector users with that same login name will appear below. You will then need to upload them (under the action column).
  3. You can also add a user who does not exist in LabCollector. To do so, click add external user, you will then need to fill a form in order to create the user.

3. Add Remote LabCollectors

  1. You can add the name or number of LabCollector. The code with be selected automatically.
  2. You need to add API URL of the LabCollector you want to connect to the central storage management.
  3. You need to add API Token of the LabCollector you want to connect to the central store management.
  4. You can add information about your instance, that will be connected. It could be brief description such as name or location of the LabCollector or the lab name.
  5. The LabCollectors that you have added will be visible here and you can take edit them by clicking the icon.
The API token needs to be entered twice, from both the add-on side and remote side.