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How does a module generally look like?

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To explain how does the module’s interface looks like.

there are 13 by default modules in LabCollector.

Generally, all the modules will have a similar interface, which is described below.


  • 1. The Module’s name will be shown here.
  • 2. You can perform the search with the Keyword or with the record ID.
  • 3. You can ‘Use’ or ‘Save’ the searches you are performing, to make it easier to search a record. You can easily click on the ‘Clear’ search to remove the search word from the search bar.
  • 4. These options allow you to search very specifically for a record in the module.
  • 5. These options appear when you ‘expand the search options’. The options here can be customized by creating custom fields and saving them to the search option.
  • 6. To create a new record you can click on the button.
    – All modules will have this ‘New Record’ button.
    – Some modules can have more options below the “New Record’ button.
  • All the above points related to the ‘search’ options are explained in detail in the KnowledgeBase how to search in LabCollector.


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