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To edit your record’s options, you need to navigate to Admin -> Record Options. At first, you’ll stumble upon the below page in which you will find a table with different modules and separate columns each corresponding to a specific option which then you can activate/deactivate according to your needs.
Please refer to the numbers highlighted in the screenshot above:


Note that the ID is used by default as the LabCollector generated barcode. The use of the Optional Unique Code as a barcode is also possible.

By default, the option is fully automatic, it means that numbering is automatic and incrementing starting from 0.

You can define it as semi-automatic, the numbering will be automatic but can be changed manually at each record entry. However, only administrators will be able to alter this field.

You can set a new incrementing start, such as to include the year, enter data with passed IDs that were not filled, …etc.
Be Careful note
Auto-incrementing uses the last and largest value already entered. Therefore, you may risk having records that will be numbered after an incorrect starting ID.

2. ZeroFill:

    This option formats record ID with zeros, filling non-used digits, e.g. 15 would be written as 000015 for a 6-sized field.

    3. Field Size:

    You can determine the incremental capacity of the ID field. Used in conjunction with ZeroFill, it can give numbering like 060001 (Field size set to 6 with ZeroFill, manual start set to 60001). (* the minimum number of digits allowed is 5).

    4. Force waiting:

    With this option, each record entered in LabCollector will be registered in a waiting list for verification and validation. This option is applied to ALL user levels.

    5. Hide unvalidated records: 

    This option allows you to hide the records that has not yet been validated.

    6. Block Duplicates:

    With this option checked, duplicate record names will be blocked. Left unchecked, the duplicate alert will just be informative. (This option works on Add/Edit forms and import data).

    7. Compliance: 

    If checked, will add compliancy layer on modules: Versioning (all record updates will generate a past version archived), encryption on fieldse-signatures, reasons to edit popups, locked records, read-only and deviation control custom fields.

    Compliance needs a special option in the license.

    8. Automatic naming:

    With this option, you can choose to increment the record name (YES – name will be equal to the ID) or add a prefix or a suffix to this number which will then be automatically used in record names.

    9. Automatic Label:

    You can select amongst one of your labels to be automatically associated with you records when first created.

    10. Form Default Share:

    You can select the groups for whom you want the form to be shared by default.

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