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The fields setup described here requires admin or super admin level access.

Fields can be grouped in specific categories. This helps organizing custom fields for specific usage when the entry of one type of information depends on the entry of information in another field. 

The following field types may be set as category fields. 

Select List
– Checkbox (5.31)
– Multiple select list (5.31) 

The select list field type requires you to create options for the list. The Yes/No field type only allows the options ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

To create select list options click the icon  in the custom field list. Then create and save options in the pop up.

To create a field as a category within another field, create a new field and select the option for field location.  Each field will show the options available for placement. These are the options created in the above popup entered by clicking the icon .  

Usage of category fields when entering or editing records

When entering records or updating record information the category fields appear with an exclamation mark.  The category fields are indicated in orange. These only appear based on the selection of the parent field.

As an example Select List field was created as a Category field called “blood collected”.  

Additional fields “Explanation”, “collection date” and “Tube ID” were created and placed within the categories of the category field.

“Yes” value selection presents the field “collection date” and “Tube ID”.

“Collection failed” value presents the field “Explanation”.

In 5.3x version and above, you can create 3 levels.

In creation mode, you have: