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How do I add multiple records without data import

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Sometimes it is convenient to add multiple records with similar information. If the data exists in a spreadsheet already, it is likely best to use the data import feature.

If the data does not exist in a spreadsheet already you do not need to take the extra step of creating a csv file.

The module should have the following option selected (Admin > Default Fields): Multiple Insertion and Replicate Sample set to ‘ON’.

Go to the desired module for adding multiple records. And select the “Add New Record” button at the top right.

From the form that appears, enter a number for ‘Number of Record Repeats’. All of the records will share the same values, but will have incremented barcode IDs. Depending on the choice for record names set in Admin> Preferences > Record Options, the record name could also be incremented.

If you are adding multiple records that are substantially similar to an existing record, use duplicate record and update the information for the repeated records. If you are adding multiple records with substantially similar information, but still need to efficiently change values for some information select ‘Keep Record In Memory As Model For Replication’, then use the button ‘Save & Add’, followed by selecting the choice from the menu ‘Replicate From’.