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Manage memorized items

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In all modules, you have the possibility to memorize records to process them in batch.

1. Go to the module of your choice.
2. Memorize records one-by-one with the icon  (in tabs on the right-hand side) or do a search and memorize the result with the same icon on the top of the list.

3. Then, in Tools > Manage memorized items, you select all or a part of your memorized records (checkbox), you choose one action in the select list and click on Do!.

                      A. Generate worklist
                      B. Generate worklist with secondary storage

Records with secondary storage will each have a row in the following table. If secondary storage is not selected, only a single row will appear for the record, even if secondary storage is defined.

With this worklist, you can:

    • Add a link (normal link on the bottom of each record) in batch. For example, link a set of primers to a DNA sample. Please refer to chapter 7-5-1 of the manual.
    • Take out volume by clicking on the corresponding button (for more information, please refer to chapter 7-4-3 of the manual). When you use this function in batch, you can access a summary table that you can print or easily copy to use in our ELN for example.


  • For samples worklist, add a process to all data by clicking on the corresponding button (for more information, please refer to chapter 4-5-1 of the manual). 
  • Remove storage by clicking on the corresponding button. A popup will ask you for main, secondary or both types of storage.
  • Archive records by clicking on the corresponding button (for more information, please refer to chapter 7-5-1 of the manual).

Your list can be printed and/or saved by clicking on the dedicated icon. When you save a pop-up will open and you can name your worklist, add a description and define restricted access.

Saved lists are available through Tools > Lists and series.

   C. Replicate Record
   D. Derive record to…
Select, in the section below the list of memorized records, the module where you want to create the derive records and an optional name suffix. If you derive in Samples module, you also have to select the sample type.

   E. Archive record directly (Careful, there is no validation step).
   F. Unarchive record (new to v5.42)
   G. Lock record.
Terminate Record Modification (Read Only)
   H. Restore record. (new to v5.42)
   I. Sign record. (new to v5.42)

If you need to work with a different list, clean the records (check the correct box(es)) or all records from the memory.

   J. Clean from memory
   K. Clean ALL from memory
   L. Delete from database

As for other delete action, if a record has a link or storage, it can’t be deleted. For more information, see the KB-Delete data.

An edit icon  appears on worklists and in the management on memorized items allowing edit records one by one.