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TIFF image support in LabCollector ELN and photobank requires configuration.

This will require temporarily stopping the server and all use of LabCollector while performing this configuration.  

If you are hosted with AgileBio, simply request to have the appropriate image utility added. 

If you are self hosted, login to your LabCollector client area and select the utilities section of the downloads.

There are multiple options depending on the PHP version you have.  Select the appropriate file to download.  

Run the application in the ZIP folder.  Make sure to check the option to add to path is checked.  

Then using the LabCollector Server Manager, stop LabCollector server, and edit PHP settings via Settings > Configure Servers > PHP. 

Delete the semicolon before the line:


In the location  *\AgileBio\LabCollector\php\ext, replace the file php_imagick.dll by the one in the ZIP folder, then restart LabCollector server.