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LabCollector offers two options to manage reagent and supplies storage.

  1. Follow: Admin > Preferences > Reagent & Supplies and choose one storage option.

If you select the Simple storage option, follow Admin > Storage > Simple Reagent Storage and list your storage.
You will find your list when you create/edit a product record.

If you select the Main storage option, you have to define your storage. Follow: Admin > Storage > Manage storage.

  • Add a new facility (optional, there is one by default)

  • Add new storage equipment, and select Shelf as Equipment type.

  • In Storage Browser (Tools), under your new equipment, add a new drawer + a new box. It’s not really a box as a tube box or a plate, only a view of a part of your shelf.

In the form, you need to name your box (1), then choose Shelf part as box type (2) and create or select a rack/shelf if you want (3), then SAVE.

Once created you can see your shelf in the cupboard.

  • Under Reagent & Supplies module, add a product. In Storage Location, you will read Defined separately.

To define your storage location, save your record and add storage. Storage can be edited by storage owner and administrators.

In Storage Box Management, select your equipment and then your shelf.

You can also import storage in batch and associate reagents to storage following one of the following KB articles, depending on your LabCollector version – KB- Import your data (5.3 and above) or KB-import your samples (5.25 and below).

Only Secondary storage is available for Reagent & Supplies module.