How to move a whole installation to a new Windows server? - LabCollector

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Applies to installations done with our automatic installer, LabCollector Server Manager.

Follow this steps:

  1. 1/ Install LabCollector with the automatic installer on the new Windows machine (see KB about windows installation using set-up wizard.).
  2. IMPORTANT: Before moving the mysql data the servers need to be switched off.
  3. Copy mysql/data/lab[collector] from the old to the new server (on other name if you have customized the lab name)
  4. Also transfer www/lab[colletor]/documents /extra_modules, /files, and /maps to the new server location
  5. If the old installation was an older version than on the new one, execute http://computer_name/instance_name/upgrade.php to level up the old database to the current version.

NOTE: you may need to purchase an upgrade option.