LabCollector Server Manager Utility v3.31

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Windows LC Server Manager

Our new server installation wizard provides an automatic LabCollector Server Manager. This manager provides easy access to configuration files and control over the server status (start/stop Apache web server and MariaDB server). It also includes an easy and automatic backup engine which allows you to configures two types of backups: short-term backups – daily or weekly and long-term backups – weekly or monthly.

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Features FREE version PRO version
Built-in PHP, Apache, MySQL, user-friendly interface
Multiple LabCollector instances update at the same time
Stop/Start each service separately
Easy to Modify MySQL default port
Automated FTP for uploading backup files
Enable/Disable local MySQL service
Tool for verifying installation folder permissions
Internal editor for PHP/Apache/MySQL configuration files
Integrated Manager Updater
PHP7.4 and 8.1 for LCv6.15+ (legacy support for PHP5.6-7.4 up to LCv6.12)
Easy modify for PHP important variables
Activate/Deactivate Imagick , LDAP, OpenSSL, curl extensions Manually
Activate OpenSSL certificate signing Manually
Apache HTTP/HTTPS port modification Manually
Easily activate HTTPS Manually
Change MySQL Root Password Manually
Run as different user internally without switching windows users
Full installation folder synchronization backup
High Availability replication NEW!
Automatic backup transfer to:
Automatic backup transfer to:

LC Manager PRO license

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LabCollector Service Manager License PRO

Our new server installation wizard provides an automatic LabCollector Server Manager


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