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LSM v3.217 offers new labels for DYMO and batch printing.

  • To see how to customize DYMO label tags, check our this KB.

To go to settings of labels for printing go to LSM–>Admin–>Barcode labels–> DYMO printing.  

1. In “numbering option” you can select the range of “Sample IDs” for which you want to print the labels. The range is of Samples so the barcode generated will be for sample ID.
For example when you go to Job–> Job list and you can select the samples that you want to generate the barcode for by opening the job.

2.Label Options” allows you to add a name to your labels, or an extra text if you require with a field that you can select from the drop-down list.
For example, we have selected extra text as “Free text” with the field as “Sample Type”.
Note:  If what you want is not displayed in the dropdown list, then you can also add a custom free text. In this case, there will be an extra box in between where you can type the free text you want. For example like in the below image, in the red box.

3. You can choose the barcode label model from the dropdown list.
For example, we have chosen “DTCR 2000 1D” meaning the barcode will be a 1D barcode.
Check if the DYMO printer is connected. The printer name will be displayed if it is connected. You need to choose the DYMO printer from the drop-down list. 
4. LSM v3.217 offers you new tags that can be used on the barcode template for DYMO.

LSM now offers do a batch print of labels in LSM using the following new tags.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be careful to the space inserted after or before the tags used.

  • ##RNAME## : on a TEXT object name to add record name. This is the name or label field.
  • ##RCOMMENTS## : on a TEXT object name adds a comment with extra field and options
  • ##RBARCODE1D## : on the BARCODE object name for 1D barcode (any type works including QRCode)
  • ##RBARCODE2D## : on an IMAGE object name for 2D barcode (type Datamatrix)
  • ##RID## :  on a TEXT object name to add record ID. For example 645/SP.
  • ##SAMPLETYPE## : on a TEXT object name for sample type.
  • ##SAMPLECOMMENT## : on a TEXT object name for sample comment.
  • ##HANDLINGCONDITIONS## : on a TEXT object name for sample handling conditions.
  • ##TESTNAME## : on a TEXT object name for test name for a sample.
  • ##PARAM## : on a TEXT object name for sample parameter.

For example, with the example in point 1 above, the dymo label will look like below. You can customize your label for Dymo as you require. (Check the KB in above link)


If you are using FireFox browser and facing issues to print from DYMO printer, you could try solving this issue by accepting the security risk from https://localhost:41951 or (click the link to check).

It will show the error like the below image.
English translation: The error shows that the policy does not allow to consult the remote resource located on the localhost.

  • You can also check the troubleshooting part in the Chrome browser in our KB describing how to use DYMO. 

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