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When starting LSM usage, it is essential to start with customization steps. You need to create your customers, results parameters, assays catalog and more. These items interact with each other in multiple ways, therefore the order of steps for the initial setup is important.
Some portions of the LSM cannot be customized without first setting up others.

 Completing this step requires admin or super-admin level permissions.

Now, we create parameters that will be used in the test.

Once again, we navigate within the LSM admin menu Admin > Preferences > Parameters.
Click on Add and then complete the form.

In version 3.2063 onwards, it’s possible to add a parameter while creating a test.

In this example, we will test the pH and NaCl concentration of water. This will use a pH meter (equipment section) and the reagent NaCl (created within Reagents & Supplies) (for more details, see KB-Create reagents & equipments.)

We have thus to create two parameters, one for pH and a second for NaCl concentration.
Fill the form (for more details, please see the manual page 16-17).

  1. Set the Level field as Test (or Assay in the old versions).
  2. Choose between several types of variables (Data Type).

Parameters can be INPUT or PROCESSING/RESULT values depending on whether they are needed when starting a job or to record the results of an assay/test.

You can define where the parameters will be used (Level/Step):

    • Job: Will be a custom field on the Job definition form. These parameters apply to all samples and assays/tests for a job.

Defined when submitting jobs via either the LSM or the LSM Remote.

    • Sample: Will be a custom field for the sample form. These parameters apply to particular samples within each job.

Defined when submitting jobs via either the LSM or the LSMRemote.

  • Test: Will be used as an INPUT, PROCESSING or RESULT value field. These parameters are filled in only via the LSM by staff and/or admin level LSM users. See above.


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