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What is inside a Book?

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The book in ELN offers you various options to allow easy access and collaboration management.

When you create a book you will see the below page.
The contents of the page are explained below.

The Index or the table of contents will be seen under on the left-hand side. (check out more in our ELN Manual page 21-23)

1. You will see a tab where you can add an experiment inside your book, see the book history (see who did the last changes), if you want to print the book or if you want to download a zip file containing PDF + Attached file. (check out more in our ELN Manual page 27-29)

2. You can edit the content of the Book by clicking on the edit button. You can add the description of your book or project as you like in the description part. The rich text editor allows you to have several options to make your content editing easy. (Check our KB on options inside Rich Text Editor)

3. This section allows you to manage who can access the ELN. It will show your name, the type of access for the name mentioned, Phone number if mentioned, email of the person, when was the book created (date & time) and when was it last modified.

4. Change Owner allows you to change the owner of the book. When you click on the option, the below pop-up will open and you can see Group name, users inside the group and you can select the new owner.
*ONLY owner of the book and super admin can change the ownership of the Book.


5. Manage users’ access allows you to change the accessibility of the book with advanced permissions.



6. Books cannot be deleted in the ELN, however, they can be archived. The archived books can be seen when you select the option “Show archived projects”.