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What is inside an Experiment?

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The experiment in ELN offers you various options that allow you to create tasks list, link data inside LabCollector and to move the experiment to another book.
This makes organizing your data simple and easy.

When you create an experiment you will see the below page. For example, we have created an experiment for immunostaining for various focal adhesions.
The contents of the experiment page are explained below.

The Index or the table of contents will be seen under on the left-hand side. The Book (highlighted in yellow) and the experiment below it. (check out more in our 
ELN Manual page 21-23)

The top part of your ELN will show you the name of the Book and the experiment you are on. If you click on the small dropdown arrow (by clicking on edit-marked by the green arrows) you will be able to see the experiments under the BOOK (Osteosarcoma Biomaterials Project) and the PAGES under the current EXPERIMENTS (EXP. 1: Focal Adhesion Immunofluorescence).

1. You will see a tab where you can add a page inside your experiment, see the experiment history (who did the last changes), if you want to print the experiment or if you want to download a zip file containing PDF + Attached file. (check out more in our ELN Manual page 27-29)

2. You can edit the content of the experiment by clicking on the edit button. You can add the details about tor the motive behind the experiment as you like in the description part. The edit button will open a Rich text editor that can be used to add text font, size, color, images, table, and various other options.  (Check our KB on what options are provided by Rich text editor)

3. This section allows you to create the task list. When you click on “Add task list item” the below details will open. (check out more in our ELN Manual page 31-32). The tasklist is an important part of several businesses where the payment is done according to an hourly basis or where the tasks are assigned in order to be completed on a priority basis.
You can write the name of the task, start date and time, the duration of the task (in hours), percentage of the task complete (you can add this as you perform and complete the task). The page option allows you to link your task to a particular page inside an experiment. This is handy because when you have multiple pages inside the experiment, this option will help you to connect the task to a specific page.
For example, we have created vinculin immunostaining with a start date and time, duration of the experiment, percentage completed and the page that is linked contains the protocol for the staining procedure.

4. This option allows you to connect to the LabCollector data. This makes your data more organized where you can link records with the specific sample information or antibody or any reagents required to perform the experiment (in this case the immunostaining experiment). When you click on Link data the below options will show-up. (check out more in our ELN Manual page 43-45). You can also check our Kb on how to link records inside the content page.

5. This tab shows you who created ad modified the experiment.

6. This option allows you to shift the experiment to some other Book if required. When you click “Move Experiment to” it will show various books that you will want to move the experiment to.