How to Install Sensors on ULT Freezers?

Maintaining precise and consistent temperature control is of utmost importance in laboratory and medical settings, especially when it comes to low temperature applications ranging from -80°C to -196°C. This is where low temperature sensors come in handy. These sensors find … Continued

How to setup your Data Logger in LabCollector?

Data Logger is one of LabCollector’s add-ons, it is a network-based application that allows you to monitor and control storage equipment temperature, humidity, CO2, and other data from a centralized location. With Data Logger, you can also connect any type … Continued

What’s Aquarium add-on? And how to use it?

Aquarium add-on within LabCollector  is designed to manage and monitor the daily operations of aquatic research facilities. It provides a comprehensive solution to track the status of tanks, feeding schedules, and experimental protocols, as well as inventory management of strains … Continued

What’s Simple Test Lab Add-on? And how to use it?

Simple Test Lab add-on within LabCollector , is an innovative and intuitive solution designed for small labs to efficiently and effectively manage their testing processes. With this add-on, tracking and handling tests has never been easier. This add-on is specifically … Continued

What’s SNP Manager add-on? And how to use it?

If you’re using LabCollector , you’re likely familiar with the challenges of managing tubes containing markers used in SNP genotyping. That’s where SNP Manager comes in  it’s a dedicated add-on designed to streamline the entire SNP genotyping workflow and simplify … Continued

What’s Protein Tracking System add-on? And how to use it?

Protein Tracking System (PTS) is an add-on within LabCollector , which offers a comprehensive solution for managing protein production and purification activities. With its web-based interface, users can access the system from anywhere and manage an unlimited number of projects. The … Continued

What’s Training Management add-on? And how to use it?

Training Management is an add-on within LabCollector , that enables laboratories to manage and keep track of their employees training records, it allows administrators to create and manage training courses, assign training to employees, track completion status, and store training … Continued

What’s Event Calendar add-on ? And how to use it ?

The Event Calendar add-on for LabCollector is a powerful tool for keeping track of research projects, technical platform service activities, and company projects. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily create and share calendars with your team, as well as … Continued

What’s Query Builder add-on ? And how to use it ?

The Query Builder add-on is a powerful tool that allows users to create custom data reports and exports with ease. With its user-friendly visual interface, users can easily design any type of query and apply filters to extract specific or … Continued

What’s Sample2Box add-on ? And how to use it ?

Sample2Box is a LabCollector add-on that allow users to directly scan tube/vial barcodes to automatically insert them in a plate/box and create corresponding LabCollector records, while keeping track of their locations within the LabCollector database. This can be especially useful … Continued

What is Workflow Manager add-on and how to use it?

SUMMARY: LabCollector offers the possibility to create custom workflow templates for any of your laboratory needs. A workflow is a sequence of connected steps that can be used to organize your work and process, and is very useful for routine … Continued

How to use Win2Parser & Parser add-on?

LabCollector offers the possibility to automatically import data files from your Windows computer into your instance with the help of Win2Parser middleware. Win2Parser is a Windows middleware utility allowing automation of raw data file acquisition from multiple locations into LabCollector. Each instance … Continued

Introduction to HL7 and how to use it in LSM

SUMMARY: 1. Introduction 1a. What is HL7? 1b. HL7 Message Types 2. How to use HL7 in LSM 3. HL7 ORU (Observation result) 4. HL7 ORM (Order message) 1. Introduction 1a. What is HL7? HL7 is a set of standards … Continued

How to add a microplate in ELN Page?

SUMMARY: ELN allows you now to add microplate in your page. The map of samples plated can be visualized in the ELN page directly. To add a microplate to ELN, follow the below steps: 1. Create a plate in Storage … Continued

How to import CSV with samples and tests in LSM?

SUMMARY: With the LSM ad-on allows you to add a job and import multiple samples and test with CSV/text file. You can update the CSV/text file with information about multiple samples and tests related to it in LSM while adding … Continued

How to create version of test in LSM?

SUMMARY: LSM allows you to create version of test with the help of duplicate ad archive versions. This feature is useful, when you want to modify an already existing test and the good practice is to duplicate test ad archive … Continued

How to create conditional fields in LSMRemote?

SUMMARY: LSMRemote now allows you to now add conditional fields in the job form. This is important in conditions where you need to ask more questions based on a previous one. These fields will be available in Job form and … Continued

How to import results in batch mode in LSM?

SUMMARY: LSM allows you to import results for several jobs in one go using batch mode. Please follow the below procedure to import results in LSM: 1. Create jobs in LSM and add them to a batch 2. Import results … Continued

How to add a reagents/solutions recipe in ELN?

SUMMARY: ELN now allows you to add recipe to the page inside a book. This can be very helpful, when you want to create solutions using LabCollector’s ELN. LabCollector allows you to now attach the entire recipe procedure with the … Continued

Fly Stock Manager

SUMMARY: LabCollector has released a new add-on called “Fly Stock Manager“: a management system for the storage, rearing, and transfer of flies to a new nutrient medium. The storage by plates/tubes is easily visualized in order to allow you to … Continued

LSMRemote config.ini: Appearance & login options

SUMMARY: Config.ini file allow you to change the appearance of the LSMRemote pages according to your needs using various options. Follow the steps below to configure different options in LSMRemote config.ini:- 1. Install LSMRemote and integrate into your website 2. … Continued

How to customize the look of LSMRemote?

SUMMARY: LSMRemote now allows to change the font and button colors on the login page. This allows for better customization for your lab and related themes. 1. Font Family 2. Button colors Primary Secondary Cancel Be Careful note *Remember for … Continued

LSMRemote Config.ini file

SUMMARY: For test labs that receive a request to perform tests (jobs) on a sample from a requester (clinic, hospital, etc), our Lab Service Management (LSM) add-on is the best option. However, to make the process easier we offer our … Continued

How to add measurement uncertainty in LSM?

SUMMARY: All measuring devices have some degree of imprecision and uncertainty. Generally it is the imprecision in measuring devices. Uncertainty measurement means that in the given range of possible values within which the true value of the measurement lies. Random … Continued

How to Install & Configure Central Store Management add-on?

SUMMARY: The Central Store Management add-on is a powerful tool designed to streamline the ordering process for laboratories with multiple franchises or locations. By centralizing the ordering system, labs can manage their reagents and supplies more efficiently, reducing costs and … Continued

How to electronically sign the ELN pages?

SUMMARY: Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) add-on is a replacement of paper lab note book that provides various features compared to paper lab notebook. In the LabCOllector’s ELN you can electronically sign the pages and also add erratum to the same. … Continued

How to use Webinars add-on?

SUMMARY: Webinars is a new add-on by LabCollector for hosting meetings, trainings, etc within the LabCollector LIMS.  Please see below to know more about options in Webinars add-on. 1. Installation 2. Interface of webinars 3. Create a room 4. Join … Continued

How to configure kit and activate it in LSMRemote?

SUMMARY: Many labs have kits that can be purchased by patients, either online or in pharmacies. The samples collected by these kits are then deposited by the patients in nearby sample collection centers or send by postal means. For such … Continued

How to accept jobs in LSM?

SUMMARY: Job in LSM helps to create tests and add information about information about the test and samples. You can also add information about test like priority levels, purchase order number, if you have received the samples or not, who … Continued

How to create & execute a job in LSM?

SUMMARY: Job in LSM helps to create tests and add information about information about the test and samples. You can also add information about test like priority levels, purchase order number, if you have received the samples or not, who … Continued

How to integrate appointments scheduling in LSMRemote?

SUMMARY: LSMRemote now helps to integrate a scheduling application, that helps clients/requesters to have a platform that helps scheduling appointments. You can easily configure the settings for it to activate it for patients to schedule their appointments. *Please see our … Continued

How to search in LSMRemote?

SUMMARY: LSMRemote provides you various options to search specifically and do action on them. You can also organize your columns that will help you yo manage your data with ease. 1. Searching and sorting using the columns 2. Search using … Continued

How to generate CoC Manifest with integrated labels?

SUMMARY: LSMRemote application, for the clients to connect remotely to Lab Service Manager For test labs that receive a request to perform tests (jobs) on a sample from a requester (clinic, hospital, etc), our Lab Service Management (LSM) add-on is the best option. … Continued

How to do job pre-registration from the LSMRemote portal?

SUMMARY: Job pre-registration can be performed, by patients where they can enter all relevant details before submission of the samples. The pre-registration creates a job which the provider needs to update, when the patient submits the sample. This fasten ups … Continued

How to import jobs using LSMRemote?

SUMMARY: LSM add-on is for the test/service core labs that helps from performing tests, adding parameters, to generating reports and invoices. LSMRemote is a remote portal used by clients who receive samples from patients and pass it on to test … Continued

How to use accreditation for tests in LSM?

SUMMARY: LSM new feature now offers accreditation to the test reports in LSM. Regulatory bodies like ISO/IEC 17025 the tests need to be accredited. Tests like example for calibration testing equipment or sample, rely on the technicality and correctness of … Continued

How to activate password for reports send by email to requester

SUMMARY: With the new features in LSM you can password protect your test result reports. This helps in compliance with regulatory bodies and prevents data breaching of important information. CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) & HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and … Continued

How to create a processing report in LSM?

SUMMARY: If you are a test lab then making reports from the test is an integral part of your everyday work.  The Lab Service Manager (LSM) add-on in LabCollector allows you to make report templates.  Where you can use dynamic … Continued