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How to install an Add-on?

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LabCollector offers you to add optional integrated apps called “Add-on” that complement the LabCollector LIMS system.

You can easily find the download according to your needs and install it in your LabCollector instance in a few easy steps.

To view and download the add-ons , follow the process below .

1.Choosing the add-on


1.Choosing the add-on

  • To choose from various add-ons LabCollector offers 2 options 
    *Check more information in our KB about how to create panels on LabCollector homepage.

    Both options below will redirect you to the LabCollector online page.
  • 1. You can go to your online instance and under the Add-on section , click on the + icon.
  • 2. OR You can go to ADMIN -> OTHER -> SETUP -> ADDONS REPOSITORY which will take you to the LabCollector page.

  • As the picture above,  you will be able to see various add-ons. You can choose the one according to your requirements.
  • After clicking on the desired add-on icon, you are redirected to the dedicated add-on page.

  • When you click on the Start 30 Day Trial, it will take you to registration for accessing the “Client area” page where you can find several add-ons and utilities offered by LabCollector to download.
  • If you already have registered before you just need to add the login ID and password and enter the client area and go to DOWNLOADS -> ADDON. Where you can easily download the zip files for add-ons.
    *Read our KB on how to use client area.
  • You can now easily upload the zip file by going to your LabCollector instance ADMIN -> OTHER > UPLOAD ADD-ONS.
    *Check our KB on how to do general setup on client area.

  • Once the zip file added, click on update. Once updated successfully you will see the message below.



  • You can login to your online instance, and see the add-on in the add-ons page.

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