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Enhance your laboratory management experience with LabCollector’s versatile “Add-ons“. Tailor the system to your specific needs by selecting from a wide range of optional integrated apps that seamlessly complement the LabCollector LIMS system.

In the following Knowledge Base, we will cover all the essential steps that you need to follow in order to easily find, download and install the perfect add-on to optimize your laboratory workflow.

1. Choosing the add-on

2. Installation

1. Choosing the add-on


  • Both options shown above, will redirect you to our LabCollector Add-ons Webpage.
    1. Either you go to your online instance, then under the Add-on section, click on the + icon.
    2. OR, you can go to ADMIN -> OTHER -> SETUP -> ADDONS REPOSITORY.
  • Down below is a screenshot of our Add-ons Webpage. Here you will see various add-ons, you can then choose the one that suits your specific needs.


  • After clicking on the desired add-on icon, you will be redirected to that exact add-on webpage, in which you can read a description about it, what it does and how it can help improve your lab activity.


  • When you click on Get Started for FREE (found at the bottom of the page), you will be redirected to a registration page in order to access “Client area“, where you can also find several add-ons and utilities offered by LabCollector.
  • If you already have registered into the client area, then all you have to do, is input your login ID and password, then hit the Sign in button, and go to DOWNLOADS -> ADDON where you can easily download the corresponding zip file.
    *Read our KB on how to use client area.

2. Installation

Option 1: For certain add-ons, such as : ELN, Workflow Manager and LSM, you will need to follow the below steps:

  1. Download the add-on zip file and extract its contents. Example: If you have downloaded the ELN add-on (, extract it to obtain the ELN folder.
  2. Locate the LabCollector installation directory on your computer. For example, it could be “C:\Program Files(x86)\AgileBio\LabCollector\www\lab“.
  3. Inside the LabCollector installation directory, find the “extra_modules” folder.
  4. Move the extracted add-on folder (e.g., ELN) into the “extra_modules” folder, to have: “C:\Program Files(x86)\AgileBio\LabCollector\www\lab\extra_modules\eln

That’s it! The add-on is now installed in LabCollector.

Option 2: Once you have downloaded the zip file, you can then easily upload it by going to your LabCollector instance ADMIN -> OTHER > UPLOAD ADD-ONS.
*Check our KB on how to do general setup on client area.

  • Once the zip file has been added, click on Update. You will see the below message once it gets successfully uploaded and unpacked.


  • Next, go to LabCollector, you will notice that the Add-on icon is now visible from the main menu, upon accessing it, you will be prompted to finish the installation.

  • Once you finish the installation, you will be able to use the add-on and explore its capabilities!

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