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How to use Photoeditor SDK in ELN?

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Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) offers various options to replace the paper lab notebook. You can link records like reagents, samples, create templates for pages or excel sheets, draw diagrams, upload images and moreover edit the images. ELN offers PhotoEditor that helps you edit your images, annotate them, etc. 

To edit images you need to follow below steps:-

1. Using the PhotoEditor SDK
2. Uploading the edited image

1. Using the PhotoEditor SDK

 To edit the image in ELN go to  ELN HOME PAGE -> BOOK –> PAGE (that you would like to edit)-> CONTENT-> EDIT.

You can check our KB on what’s inside ELN Page.
You can check our KB on ELN’s rich text editor

  1. When you click on edit the rich text editor will open.
    In that, you can see the PhotoEditor option icon .

  2. When you click the icon you will see the below page.
  3. The option “A” helps you to upload an already taken image, for example, confocal microscopy images.
    Option “B” helps you to take an image using your webcam. For example, if you have an app for LabCollector on your mobile, and you can access your ELN, you can take images from your mobile for bacterial plates, cell plate, MTT assay plate, etc.

  4. Once you have taken an image with option “B” or uploaded an already taken image with option “A” you will see the below page.

  5. The PhotoEditor will allow you to have various options to edit and annotate the image.

    1. Transform: This option helps you to rotate your image if it is not straight or to crop your image to custom or fixed sizes.

    2. Filters: This option helps you to change the color filter for the images. It can be very useful to create greyscale images. You can even adjust the filter intensity.

    3. Adjust: This option provides you to adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, gamma, clarity, exposure, shadows, highlights, whites, blacks, and temperature of your image.
          You can always “Undo” by clicking the undo button on the top right-hand up corner of your image.

    4. Text: This helps you to add text to your image. You can also change the text size, font, and alignment. To delete the box you have the option to delete on the top of the image in the blue box. You can change           the color of your text and also the background by the option on the right hand down left corner.

    5. Sticker: This option will help you add various arrows, forms like boxes or circles & parentheses in various colors. This will help in annotating your image. You also have an option to flip or rotate the stickers or        delete them.

    6. Brush: It helps you to hide imperfections or for example unwanted things in the background. You can choose the color of the brush as well.

    7. Focus: This helps you to focus on particular parts in your image.


    8. Frame: This helps to put a frame in your image if you require it. You can also resize the image.

2. Uploading the edited image

Once you are done editing the image you can click on “Send to content editor” on the top of the image.

The image will be imported into the content of your ELN Book, experiment, or page.

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