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 To Manage your storage and reagent, LabCollector offers you several possibilities which are explained below.

Reagent & Supplies module only accept/support Secondary storage.
To select storage location first go to Preferences > Reagents & Supplies > Main
Here you can choose between Simple and Main storage.

Simple Storage

If you choose simple storage you can edit the storage options by going to Admin > Storage > Simple Reagent Storage.
NOTE: In the simple storage you can only assign one storage.



When you go to a Reagent & Supplies module and add a new record or edit an existing one, you will find a storage location list as below.


Main Storage

If you select the main storage you have to define your storage.

To do this go to Admin > Storage > Manage Storage


Here you can add a new facility. For example, you have a storage room with many racks/shelves to keep the products. You can define this storage facility in this option. You can also allow the access to this facility to a group of people.


To add a new storage equipment, go to “storage equipment” option. Some examples of storage equipment’s are a shelf, rack, -80 fridge, etc. This is where you will keep the stock of the products.

For example the new storage equipment is Cupboard Lab 545.A2 & equipment type is shelf. You can define the number of partitions or racks,etc in a shelf.


To add  a part of your shelf, go to Tools > Storage Browser

Go to the cupboard Lab 545.A2 storage you created before.
Here add a new drawer + a new box.
NOTE: It’s not really a box as a tube box or a plate, this is just representation of a part of your shelf.

The below pop-up below will appear.


You will see 3 options:

1. To name your box and add a description.(you can add the shelf that is used to create reagents)
2. To choose box type. Here we chose box type as shelf. (As we have made the storage a cupboard)
3. Create more shelves or racks if required then click on Save.




Once you save it, you will find the shelf in the cupboard you created before (Cupboard Lab 545.A2) under the lab storage tree.



When you go to a Reagent & Supplies module and add a new record or edit an existing one, you will find that you have to define storage location separately.


Therefore, to define your storage location you have to save the record and click on the record name from the record list in Reagent & Supplies.
On your right, you will find the option “Add Storage”.


After clicking on the “Add Storage” option the popup below will appear.
After selecting the Reagent shelf you have to click on “Add Secondary Storage”.