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1/ You can, if it’s not already done, create all the boxes and racks using the function AutoFill Racks + Boxes in this freezer (see the manual Chapter 6 and section 6-1) then use the Storage Importer (ADMIN > Storage > Import Storage).  Be careful on the selection of the box owner choice.  Common boxes will be available to all users.  Specific ownership of boxes will allow restrictions on access to use or view the boxes.

2/ Use the Sample to BOX free add-on that you can download from the client area of the LabCollector website (requires sign in). Then choose between the three box options. In this case, you need to use barcode on samples and have a barcode reader to be more efficient.  You can also enter the barcodes manually by typing values in the correct box (e.g. 15/SP, sample with ID=15).

Use the direct scan option in Sample to Box for adding by scanning the item and then the box.  This choice provides high efficiency when adding multiple sample types to multiple locations. 

The other options for adding samples provide slightly slower addition of items to new or existing boxes.

3/ Use the Samples Batch Tools Add-on (automatically installed) to import data and storage. This add-on is normally used with a scanner but can be used with file import. See the LabCollector Chapter 7-9.

All of the system storage management is described in chapters 6 and 7 of the manual.