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LabCollector makes it easy to create tubes for reagents or strains of cells or bacteria. 
For example, if you are working with a cell line (eg. HeLa) and you passage it and make copies of the cell line for future use, you can create alerts for tubes, if they are in minimum quantity or if they are getting expired. Similarly, you can create tubes of reagents or any other strains and mark them for an alert whenever they reach minimum quantity or when they are getting expired. 
You need to follow the below steps:-
1. Create a record for tubes
2. Create storage for tubes
3. Using the tubes

1. Creating a record for tubes

To create tubes, you can create a record for a cell line or bacterial strain or any reagent for which you want to create tubes.
Go to the module that is required ad click on .

For example, you create a record for a cell line (HeLa) that you are going to passage and store for future use.

2. Creating storage for tubes

You need to click on “Add Main storage” option or you can also create secondary storage for already existing record.
After clicking on the storage option you will see the below pop-up.

1. You can select the storage space where you want to store the tubes.
2. You can either “” or choose from the dropdown list of already existing boxes.
–    To read more about how to create a box, see the section duplicate the box structure in this KB.
3. You can choose the position of the tubes inside your box. 
TIP: press the “Ctrl” button and select the positions that are far in your box to insert your tubes. (Closeby positions can be selected by simply dragging the mouse over the boxes)
4. You can put the volume in your storage tubes. For example, 1 ml of HeLa cells in solution/medium.
5. Comments related to the tubes. eg. not to be used by anyone except user or put specific antibiotic while reviving cells, etc
6. You can also add an optional unique code that could be used to print a 2D barcode to stick on the tubes with all the information regarding the tubes.
7. if you are using colorful caps for coding the tubes, you can choose the color here.
8. To set alerts you can choose at which quantity you want alert to be generated.
9. if your tubes are a reagent or any train you can also add an expiration date for the same.
10. You can generate an alert a few days before for the expiration of your tubes.
11. When you are finished with the details you can save the tubes.

Once you save the storage it will look like below in the record.

3. Using the tubes

When you want to use the tubes you created you can click on the remove tubes icon.


When you click on remove tubes you will see the below pop-up where you can select the checkbox and remove the tubes you need to use.

If after removing your tubes you have reached the minimum quantity that you defined during the storage (point 8 above), an alert icon will be seen in front of the storage information of tubes.

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