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FileConnector allows you to edit files inside LabCollector in real-time. 
You can check the video at the end to see how to install FileConnector in MacOS.
You can now install LabCollector v6.0 in Mac OS using MAMP.

To install a FileConnector in Mac OS follow the below steps.

Open LabCollector v6.0 and go to any module for which you want to edit a file. 
Click on the record you want to edit the file for.
When you click on the uploaded file you will get this pop-up if the file connector is not installed already.

  1. Click on the “download it from here” to download the file connector setup.
  2. You will see the setup file in the downloaded option.
  3. Click on the SSL exception. This is needed to run the application.
  4. Now when you try to install the FileConnector set up you will get a pop-up like below.
    Click on “OK”.

  5. To rectify the above issue, go to “system preferences”
  6. Click on security and privacy.

  7. & 8. Select the options to allow the app from the “App Store” and then click on “Open anyway”.

    If the lock in the above image is locked then you need to add your user id and password which is the same as that of your computer.

  8. Click on the “Open Anyway” option in the above image.
  9. Go to the installer in the bottom options from your screen.
  10. You will see the FileConnector installer.

  11. After you click on “Continue”, click on “Install”.

  12. You might be prompted to enter your password to allow installation.

  13. App will ask you to allow permission to access to the download folder on your computer.

  14. the installation once complete will show like below.
  15. After the installation, you can move the application to the bin.

  16. Once you do this. Go to the Applications icon on the bottom of your screen.

  17. The applications list will pop-up and click on the FileConnector icon. 

  18. Once you click on the FileConnector icon a small icon called “Files” will appear on the top of your screen. it will show the number of files that you will edit. Initially, the number will be zero.

  19. Now you need to allow FileConnector to open up when you login into LabCollector. To do this, go to the bottom of your screen and click on the file connector icon. First, select the option to “Keep in the dock”.

  20. Go to the file connector icon again like in step 19 and click on “Open at login”.

  21. Now you can go to any module in LabCollector and click on the “edit” button on the record.

    When you click on the file under the upload section that you want to edit. For example like in below image.

The file will open and you will be able to edit it.
Check our KB on how to edit a file using FileConnector.

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