LabCollector offers a complete, cost-effective software
solution for managing and tracking all types of inventories,
for all sizes of labs!

An Intuitive, Flexible & Compliant Solution to Manage your Inventory

Inventory Management

LabCollector provides a flexible and intuitive software interface for inventory. With 13 default modules, organizing inventory, creating customized fields along with their storage is very simple. Create and receive alerts for your equipment (maintenance, warranty), reagents and samples (expiration, quantity). See all default modules

Manage all your inventories in data modules:


Strains & Cells

Reagents & Supplies

Chemical Structures









Address Book

Custom Module

Expand with your own inventories

LabCollector allows you to create your own modules according to your needs apart from the 13 default modules. Choose the name, the logo, the color and other specific features for your custom modules. To go even further, you can add custom fields to all modules.

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Add & Manage Records

Each item is a record within each module that can be easily created. Create customized forms, add custom fields, fill in the requested information and locations in your inventory. Also import or update your records quickly with the built-in import tools.

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Be compliant with regulatory bodies like FDA, ISO! Simply view all the changes made to each record in versioning, with date and time stamp. You can archive or lock records to prevent data loss. Electronically sign the changes for each record and track them in audit log trail.

Inventory barcoding

Track all your inventory with 1D/2D integrated barcoding system. Add a record and print the corresponding barcode with one click. Design and print labels with the LabCollector modules’ integrated printing system. LabCollector automatically tracks and assigns unique barcodes for each record. Read more

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Bulk import, export, update of records

Importing CSV files containing a large amount of inventory data directly into the right module will save you considerable time. All or part of the data of a module can be updated at once and also exported as a CSV, HTML, PDF or Excel file.

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Store & Organize your Inventory

Storage Browser

Define rooms, storage equipment and boxes/racks/drawers/bags etc. With the storage browser, you can easily find what you are looking for and where the free spaces are. Learn More about Storage System

Purchase Order Manager

This tool can simply be used to notify that an article needs to be purchased or it can be a real e-ordering management tool link to Thermo-Scientific, VWR & Sigma.
Learn More


Create and print unique barcodes for each area of your storage. Find easily the equipment, the shelf, the rack etc. where the samples you are looking for are stored. Learn More

LabCollector Mobile Apps

Stock Manager

Stock Manager allows you to manage the stock of your items and update them in your LabCollector. Includes barcode scanner from mobile camera or embedded scanner (PDA) for 1D and 2D barcode. Send stock movement files, by email or file download.

List Maker

ListMaker can easily create templates with many types of columns, (text, numbers, barcodes, locations and dates). Share results directly via email. Send the lists to the LabCollector module of your choice and update the records in real time.

Warehouse inventory management

Central Store Management add-on

Use the Central Store Management add-on, to centralize orders for a common stock. Ideal for a large laboratory with several units/labs.

Create orders in two ways:

Central Store Mobile App

By using the Central Store mobile app, the warehouse manager will be able to see the list of pick-ups and deliveries, and perform pick-ups and deliveries using barcodes.

LabCollector for Biobanking

Lab Cross Search

Easily search for modules’ records across different LabCollector instances from anywhere.
The collaborative catalog within Lab CrossSearch allows finding and sharing data from modules across users of other LabCollector local instances. Search for available reagents, antibodies, primers, plasmids, and so on in other labs or groups.

Data traceability

You can manage high information volume and meet the high standards of quality required by accreditation bodies.

Online Catalog

Edit Online Catalog of available biological resources (optional).
See examples of custom biobank public catalog.

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