Biotechnology R&D

Simple to deploy and easy to configure, LabCollector is probably the most attractive and user friendly LIMS for laboratories working in R&D.
The solution has been operational in several laboratories for more than 18 years.

With the increasing pressure of compliance, efficiency and highly complex laboratory processes, the Biotechnology industries are facing serious challenges. Apart from cost-cutting measures, Biotechnology laboratories working in R&D have a real need for a compliant and efficient LIMS. LabCollector has been developed to help you enhance your lab management with a collaborative easy-to-use and fully configurable web-based database. It helps your lab to improve compliancy and efficiency while decreasing costs and turn-around times.

Some labs using our Solution

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All you need to manage your Lab:

  • The Samples Module to track your samples.
  • Storage Tracker: to keep track of your sample position with a visual box map system assigning the sample to a particular freezer location, down to the granular level of shelf, rack, box, row, and column.
  • Reagent & Supplies: allows a complete custom categorization of all the reagents, chemicals or even supplies used in your lab. This categorization contains risk and safety data management, sellers or local distributor associations and tracking of each different lot with available quantity and original barcode number.

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