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Two types of spreadsheet are available in LabCollector ELN:

  • A web spreadsheet or flat spreadsheet based on html5
  • A JAVA spreadsheet


To use the web/flat spreadsheet, click on Edit button at right.

You have access to a spreadsheet with all the function of a text editor and a basic spreadsheet. You also have the possibility to use mathematical formula.

Formulas are must be written in English format.
Formulas are working with dot in decimal numbers.

To edit a JAVA spreadsheet, click on the icon to insert tables. From this panel, you can:
– Use a blank spreadsheet editor to create your own tables.
– Create a spreadsheet template to be used in routine.
– Load a spreadsheet template.

Spreadsheet Templates can be edited and modified from the Admin Menu (see chapter 5-1-4).

When the spreadsheet is opened, you can edit, modify tables and graphics to store your results. You can also open your spreadsheet in full screen.

Users must save tables into the database otherwise information will be lost.

Formulas are allowed but they must be written in English format.
Formulas are working with commas instead of dot in decimal numbers.

Now, you can download your spreadsheet as an excel file by clicking on the Excel icon at right.
Spreadsheet data are also integrated in the printable, PDF and zip versions.

1-1-1. Spreadsheet template

From Admin > Template > Manage SpreadSheet Template, you can manage JAVA spreadsheet templates.
You can add new templates from this panel or you can view/edit templates saved in the ELN application. Template can also be deleted.

To create a new template, click on Add a new template. A new window with a spreadsheet appears.

You need to active JAVA plugin in your browser.

Give a name to your template, and create the table that you need. Do SAVE.

To edit a template, choose it in the select list and click on View/Edit template. Again JAVA opens and your table appears in the window. Change what you need then SAVE.