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If you have version 5.31 or below please read this KB instead.

In the pre-built modules and custom modules (Samples, Reagents & Supplies, Animals…) there is an option for versioning. Versioning keeps track of all changes saved to the record. Changes are also tracked in the audit trail, however, versioning provides a simple method to quickly access information on a record-by-record basis within LabCollector.

Versioning can be activated on a module-by-module basis. To make sure versioning is activated you can look at a record in the module and look for the field ‘Creation Date’. If the text ‘View Versions List appears, versioning is active in this module.

Note that some add-on modules, such as the ELN, are automatically versioned by default. Add-ons have a specific set of features for viewing the history of records and actions.

If versioning is not active, log in with an account with admin or super-admin permissions. Navigate to Admin > Records Options.

From the record options menu check the box for the modules requiring versioning. Then click the ‘Do Update’ button. Additional notes and helper text will appear on the page. The exact text will vary slightly based on the version of LabCollector you are using.

To access a version of a record, navigate to the desired record. Then click on the ‘View Versions List’.

From here there is a popup showing the list of versions in order with the date of each change.

After clicking a version you will see the record fields as they were at the selected time. Anything that was added to that version is indicated in green and anything deleted is indicated in red.

On each field that has been changed since the addition of the record, there is a clock symbol that when clicked on displays a popup which shows how the field has been changed over time.

Signing a record after it is set to Read-Only is also recorded in the version list.

Versioning is now part of the LabCollector Compliancy pack – please contact our sales team for more information by emailing [email protected] or [email protected] (for those in the USA and Canada).