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LabCollector offers various set-up options. It is ready-to-use (insofar as is possible), its configuration can be easily managed by the super-admin in order to meet your specific laboratory requirements. In the following Knowledge Base, we will show you how to set up your News Feed.

To do so, simply go to ADMIN -> OTHER -> SETUP -> News Feed:

  • RSS feeds are now widely used on internet Portals. They are URLs pointing to XML-based content.
  • Generally used for news, they allow insertion of those contents on third party websites.
  • With LabCollector you can keep informed of actualities in your lab interests directly from the home page.

  • For example, scientific journals can provide current contents headlines or you can list biotechnology news lines or last equipment promotions from your sellers, etc.
  • You can add the RSS feed of your choice, you can also add a feed from Twitter as well.

  • After you add the URL can select the RSS default feed you want to see on your home page and do the update.

  • The custom RSS feed for example for nature will look like below.

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