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Apache Server/Web server doesn’t run on Windows 10

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  • Make sure your port 80 is free and is not used by Skype for example.


  • Another solution is to find the service “W3SVC” and disable it, or set it to “manual”. Open the Control Panel, open the Administrative tools and double click on Services shortcut. Tap on the service and stop it (left panel) or double-click on the service to change the Startup type to manual.
French name is: “Service de publication World Wide Web”
English name is: “World Wide Web Publishing Services”
German name is: “WWW-Publishingdienst”
Polish name is: “Usługa publikowania w sieci WWW”
Russian name is: “Служба веб-публикаций”
Spanish name is: “Servicio de publicación World Wide Web”