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LSMRemote now allows you to now add conditional fields in the job form. This is important in conditions where you need to ask more questions based on a previous one. These fields will be available in Job form and also Job pre-registration.

Please follow the below procedure to create conditional fields:

1. Create parameters at job level

2. See the parameters in LSMRemote and job pre-registration

1. Create parameters at job level

  • Please refer to the online manual to see how to create parameters.
  • Be Careful note
    Only “valuelist” and “checkbox” field type are eligible for conditional fields. 
  • For example we created a parent custom field at a job level in LSM by going to LSM ->JOB -> PREFERENCES -> PARAMETERS

  • Next you need to create a child field that is dependent on the parent.
  • We created an example child field like below and saved it.

  • Once you create the child field and save it, you need to edit it, in order to connect the parent to the child. You will see at the end of parameter the field called “Parent” where in drop down you need to select the field you require.

  • Save the parameter again.

2. See the parameters in LSMRemote and Job pre-registration

  • Once connected the conditional field should be visible in LSMRemote and Job pre-registration.
  • If hey are not organized one after the other, you can re-order field in LSM.
    *Please refer to the online manual to see how to re order parameters.
  • When you go on LSMRemote the parent field will be visible.
  • As soon as you choose the correct option the conditional child field will appear.

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