LabCollector LIMS for BioBanking

labcollector_CRB_home2BioBanking and other biological resource collections are growing faster. These structures must employ a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to manage high information volume and meet the high standards of quality required by scientists and therefore accreditation bodies.


LabCollector LIMS gives your BioBank powerful tools to set up an efficient Quality Management System (QMS) for your activities in a single database:

Tools for data traceability:

  • Unique ID for each data entry (samples, reagents, equipment …)
  • Locate your samples in the lab with the storage browser
  • Integrate samples results (assays, tests …)
  • Follow up sample process
  • Check database entries and modifications using a log of user activity

Tools to organize your BioBank activities:

  • Customize the database modules, fields and search filters
  • Edit barcode labels to quickly identify information
  • Mass import, update and export of data
  • Manage lab inventory
  • Manage product orders and lot receptions
  • Edit online catalogue of available biological resources (optional)
  • Edit BioBank process workflows

Tools for data security:

  • Access to LabCollector is limited to identified users (login and encrypted password)
  • Manage data access using user permission levels (admin, staff, user, visitor)
  • User groups and record ownership provide additional security 

Key benefits:

  • Speed up your research and optimize your organization
  • Facilitate storage management, inventory and data retrieval
  • Enhance data traceability and improve the quality management system of your R&D activities

Develop your BioBank activities with specific Add-ons!!

Download and try LabCollector LIMS, the ELN, the LSM: Lab Service Manager, the SSM: Sequencing Service Manager … And many more LabCollector LIMS tools.