LabCollector LIMS for R&D Activities

LabCollector R&D LIMS is a collaborative intranet solution to enhance the Quality Management System of your lab. First developed for Life Science Area, LabCollector is now capable of extensive and easy customization to manage any R&D lab activities: Biology, Chemistry … LabCollector LIMS allows scientists to save time every day by optimizing their organization. Indeed, it keeps track of samples, stocks, and supplies in the lab. Information is managed in a relational database allowing users to identify, store and link lab data.

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Tools to organize your R&D Lab activities:

  • Inventory management for Plasmids, Strains & Cells, Sequences, Primers, antibodies, Reagents & Supplies
  • Locate your samples in Lab
  • Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) add-on
  • Link inventory data in ELN
  • BioinformaticsTools
  • Create standardized templates, workflows in ELN
  • Page validation with e-signature
  • Customize the database modules, fields and search filters
  • Mass import and update data
  • Manage products orders and lot receptions
  • Manage LabCollector modules in a workflow
  • Check database entries and modifications using a log user activity
  • Barcode your data inventory

LabCollector LIMS gives your lab powerful tools to enhance your R&D Lab organization:

Tools for data security:

  • Access to the database is limited to identified users
  • Passwords are kept encrypted with “strong” rules
  • Manage data access using permission levels (admin, staff, user, visitor)
  • Different privacy modes can be defined to isolate users
  • Secure data backup

Key benefits:

  • Speed up your research and optimize your organization
  • Facilitate storage management, inventory and data retrieval
  • Enhance data traceability and improve the quality management system of your R&D activities


Develop your R&D lab activities with specific Add-ons!!

Download and try LabCollector ELN (CFR21Part11 compliant), the Gantty Project Manager, the Tube SorterAnd many more LabCollector LIMS tools.

Consult our Biotechnology R&D page to see industry application of LabCollector LIMS.