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Can I add a custom module to fit my specific needs?

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LabCollector integrates predefined modules to store specific types of data.
Nevertheless, real situations are endless and therefore it also includes the possibility to create and design custom modules.
The settings, for Custom Module configuration, are located in Admin > Data > Custom modules.

It requires a valid license that covers this optional feature. For version 5.21 onwards, in full license mode, if you hide a default module under ADMIN > Setup > General settings, logo, modules names, it is replaced by a custom module within the limit of 13 modules.


 These options are only accessible by super-administrator and administrator.

You get the following interface:

1. Give a name to your module

2. Define a two-letter code (for the record identification)

3. Select an icon:

  • Upload an icon of your choice, note that the size 81×66 is recommended
  • Choose from a variety of predefined green background icons
  • Use the design blanks (blue, red or green) to create your own icon (right click and save). Add text/graphics etc. to the blank using any application. Save the final icon as an image, then upload it.

4. You also have 7 optional features:

  • Comments tab: for each record, you can add some comments. A comment field is displayed in a tab.
  • Action registry book tab: for each data, you can add activity log (not link to the storage system).
  • Include in storage system and log registry: your samples can be added in the storage system.
  • Use the animal storage system: your data can be linked with the animal storage.
  • Direct sample conversion: From an initial data record, you can create a derived sample as a new data record in the Samples module.
  • Direct reagent, batch and safety data link: your data will be associated to the Reagents and Supplies module record for ordering purposes.
  • Analysis tab: for each type of data, you can add analysis fields in a specific tab. More details on the KB-Custom fields-tab analysis section Analysis Tab.

By default, the module has the fields Name and Owner.
Once that is defined, you can add an unlimited number of custom fields and generate the module this way. Please refer to KB-custom fields typeKB-Create custom field 5.2v, and KB-Custom fields: tab analysis.