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How do I search in LabCollector?

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LabCollector offers several possibilities to search a record.

All the options are explained below in detail.

You can just click on the magnifying glass (without entering anything in search) for the list of records to appear.

LabCollector provides you with different search options.

1. You have the option to search with a keyword or ID.

2. NEW in v6.0!: This option of “Memorize current search” allows you to save the current search.
When you click on this option you have the possibility to add the specific search title and also to allows you to share this search.


3. NEW in v6.0!: This option allows you to “Use the memorized search” that you saved before.
You can edit the memorized search by going to Tools -> Memorized searches

You have the possibility to edit the Memorized Searches from


4. You can edit the clear all the searches with “Clear button”

5. The operator AND/OR gives you an option to search for a record with “AND” & “OR” options.


For example, the user/lab member searches in the PCR custom module patients whose names are John & Jon
AND: This option will ONLY show the records which have both the keywords in the same record.

OR: This option will show records containing
-both keywords
-records containing just John
-records containing just Jon

6. You can also find the record based on its status.

7. If you have a lot of search results you have various options to sort the result.

8. The “Strict search” allows you to search only for the specific word that you have typed. For it to work you have to type the full name of the record.
For example if you want to find the record name of a patient in PCR custom module : Victoria.
If you just type ‘vict’ and do strict search it wont work because it will try yo find the name vict and not victoria.


But if you type the entire name Victoria it will find the record with that specific complete name only.


9. You have the choice to expand search where you have several options to search a record.

9.1 You have an option to search from Name LIKE, which means if you remember the name of the record you can search it here.

9.2 You can search by the person/ owner of the record.

9.3 You can search record from a particular group that the record was assigned to.
NOTE: The default filters are dependent of the module & its users.

9.4 You can also search with the help of comments that you might remember that were given during the storage information generation.

For search for comments you can go to add main storage or edit the existing storage.

Below you will see storage options and below it you will see comments.

9.5 You have the option to search records by the date that they were created.

9.6You have the option to search records by the date that they were updated.

9.7 You can find any record depending on the storage filter that allows you to search for a record depending on the storage room.

Custom Field search

Under the expand search options you can add any custom filed that you would like as a search filter.
For example if you are adding a custom field for a module.
Go to Admin -> Data -> Custom Fields

When you add or edit a a custom field you can select the option “Search filter” and save it. For example in PCR module we edit the “Primer allele VIC” custom field and select the “Search filter” option.

Then that particular field will appear under the expand search option on the main module page. It will include any checklist that you put in the custom field option.

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