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The “storage browser” and “manage storage” options in LabCollector help the user to store the location of each record in a precisely defined place. Research labs deal with several samples, chemicals, etc that they need to store in a specific location with specified temperatures, etc. All this can be done using the storage browser.

You can define the rooms, storage equipment, and boxes/racks/drawers/bags, etc using the manage lab storage.

Follow these steps to configure the storage for your lab:

1. Configure ‘Manage Storage’

2. Configure the ‘Storage Browser’

1. Configure ‘Manage Storage’

  • To configure your storage, go to ADMIN -> STORAGE -> MANAGE STORAGE.
  • Below are the options :

A. Facilities

  • Facilities can be, for example, placed where you keep your storage items.
  • Labs can have rooms where they store their items. 
  • For example, let’s say the storage room for a lab is ROOM_Lab01 and it is a room where you store your sample like biology cell/bacterial/tissue/chemical/soil/etc samples.
  • So you can add this facility and its short description. You can also provide access for this facility to certain groups. To create groups you need to go to

    *ADMIN -> MANAGE USERS and when you have defined users you can go to MANAGE GROUP POLICIES and create groups. You can add members by going back to MANAGE USERS and assigning groups to already existing members.

B. Temperatures

  • Here you can define the temperatures for your equipment that you are going to make.
  • There will be default temperatures that will exist in these options.
  • You can add the ones you require or even delete the existing ones if you don’t require them.

C. Storage equipment

  • Here you can define your storage equipment.
  • For example, let’s say you have a refrigerator where you want to store the samples.
  • You can define all the parameters here for the equipment, even the racks, drawers, shelves, canisters, and the specific positions in them.
  • You can also choose the equipment information from the equipment module. (you must first create your equipment record so that it appears in the drop-down list).
    You can also choose to make it automatic storage, meaning the position in the box will be given automatically to the records for which you want to define storage.
    Note: When facility location is “No facility assigned” the equipment then goes to “Main location“.

D. Models

  • here you can create a ‘model’ for your boxes for example, to store your samples, like in the below image.

  • Hence, you can create model boxes so that you don’t have to create them every time you create a box. You can just select the box model from the model dropdown and select the box you require.
  • There are already created (by default) box models for example for 96 well plates, tubes, boxes with 10 wells, etc.
  • Please check our KB on how to set up models for more information.

E. Create a new box

F. Options

  • You can use these options to configure your storage browser in more detail.


  • 1. This option allows you to activate storage guesser meaning when you store any record in the storage, you will see, for example, if there is a free space in the storage box or not.
       – Moreover, you can choose where to store the record. For example, you have a grid box whose wells are partially filled. In this case, when you try to save a new record in this box, it will be stored in either the first empty position (well) found or the last position in the box.
       – Once you are done click on save.
  • 2. You can choose how to save the duplicated samples. Either they can be linked to the parent sample or they can be saved as an independent sample.
      –  Once you are done click on save.
  • 3. You can choose the color of your tube caps. For example, if you have a cell/bacterial strains that you store. Then you can assign a color to the caps of the tubes. As shown in the image.
    *You can create the sample type in SAMPLES MODULE -> NEW RECORD -> SAMPLE TYPE (QUICK ADD SAMPLE TYPE)
    –  Once you are done click on update tube cap colors.
  • 4. You can add color to your tubes and also choose if you want to repeat colors in the same visotube.
    –  Once you are done click on update straws options.

G. List existing boxes

  • You can see all the storage boxes that are created with information about who created them, their location, features and owner.

2. Configure the ‘Storage Browser’

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